My home away from home…  there’s something about walking through isles of endless books, from romance to non-fiction to self-improvment.  How organized and perfectly arranged they are on the shelves. And their smell……..  *sigh*  It feels so good to just walk around my B&N and just look at the different covers and stories.  I think of them as little adventures.  You can browse them for light summer reading or if you like anything similar to me I read the Twilight Saga on my lunch breaks.  Haha.  I do own them it’s just that I leave them at home, safe and sound.

So I’ll wonder in and out each category.  My favorite time to visit B&N is right after the lunchtime rush.  When the stores AND streets are mostly empty or right when they open on Mondays, my usual day off. 

There’s so much to adventure about in this wonderful store.  I could stay there for hours on end just reading.  I may not finish a book within the duration of my stay but I can have different adventures if I so choose.  That’s what I want–adventure.

Hopefully that’s what I can bring out of my 8 year hiatus from creative writing. All I’ve known for years is science, science, science. Now that I think I know everything there is to BASICALLY know about science I want to venture thoroughly into the world and find out how I can apply it to helping others.

It’ll be difficult work but I guess that’s what’ll push me in the right direction towards that adventure I’ve been wanting. =D



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